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The Prince of Exiles (The Exile Series)

The Prince of Exiles (The Exile Series) - Hal Emerson Full review/ Цялото ревю Click, click

"The prince of Exiles" starts shortly after where the "The Prince of Ravens" left. There's one small, but very important difference though - here I am not torn between hugging Raven and hitting him with something really heavy. In the first part, I really enjoyed reading about his struggles, but all the time I was all like "Oh. please, oh, please, oh please, don't make anything stupid!"Here and now, Raven is slowly developping into a true Prince, a true leader... and it all makes my fangirl heart so happy! :D There were quite other things, that helped, too:
Friendship. I immensely enjoyed the relationship between Raven, and Tomaz and Leah. And in the first book - especially with Tomaz - it really made me cry at some parts. Here, things get even cuter, with Raven trying to figure out what friendship really means. And we're adding the other Kindred he communicates with - like Davydd for example. Oh, in the first book, I wasn't sure how I felt about him, now I know - I absolutely love him! Then is Goldwyn - oh, dear, that man was amazing, tho some of the conversations with him were such a brainf**c that I felt sorry for the poor Raven. Some things that I didn't quite get from the first book, now became more clear - like Leah and Davydd's past for example.
And romance! Yay! Now this is something I really missed. Leah and Raven were so cute and akward and silly together, and their rare moments made me melt.
Raven in charge. Okay, it's just he was so awesome, in the city of Roarke, or in the tunnels, or standing there and giving that beatiful speach, and racing and ....err... well girl needs her hero, lol! But it was really cool to watch him grow, from denial to belief, and he spoke with so much zeal and passion, to the point that you, as a reader, feel proud and so happy for him.
Bad guys. Yup, we need them. As mentioned, I just didn't have it in my heart anymore, to keep bad feelings for Raven. And this is good, because I just have a limited amount of hatred - and I needed it all to go to Henri Perci. And at one point, Leah too.
Twists and turns, and spins.... The end was - oh, dear. For some parts of the plot, I had a good guess - like Davydd having a Talisman - and the hope that HP will be a bad guy, but the last chapters left me with my jaw dropped and eyeballs scattered all around.
Ahh, and maybe I should add, that I have a fangirlish fascination for the moments where on of the main characters gets hurt and the other is all worried and takes care.
The one and only thing that didn't make me happy about this book - is it just me, or they Midwinter celebration was quite in the spirit of Christmas? Presents, evergreen trees, holy, wreaths? I decided not to make analogies and pay attention to how the Kindred imagine the hell in the first book, but really, I think something new and different could be put up instead.
And in the end - the cover. I usually begin review with few words for the cover, but this time I will end with it. The art is really good and the artist is undoubtedly very skilled. But when I first saw the book, my thought was "Heeey, where's my pretty boy!" As I went reading, I figured out that this is probably Geofred but it didn't make sense to me. He stays in the shadows for the good part of the book and it is Tiffenal Raven is against. And when I closed the book after reading the last chapters... it made perfect sense. The prince of Eagles deserved it like no other to be there.
And now, I just hope that the next part will be out soon. Ooh, and I so hope it'd be called "Prince of Veil"! The end of the book triggered my imagination and it is now running wild. And one other thing that I am dying to find out is Raven's real name, that was taken from his Mother. Oh, I hope it is a good one!
And as about recommending - this series has the kind of books that got me so so so frustrated that some of my best book-loving friends are not good enough in English when I know that if they read it, they will absolutely love it. I did however drop a word about it to my English speaking friends and I even envy them a little for the awesome moments when they will get through the story for a first time.