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Witch's Bounty

Witch's Bounty - Ann Gimpel Full review/Цялото ревю - Click, click :)

The attraction between our main characters was evident from the very beginning and I began to wonder if I was going to like it, as I am not a huge fan of "alfa-males", "primal instincts" and so on.
Oh, how I was wrong!
I just loved, loved Duncan! I loved how he can be so dangerously sexy in one moment and cute in the next, how adorably old-fashioned and gentlemanly he turned to be. In this, Colleen was his perfect counterpart. I could imagine her so clearly, going "Whoa, whoa, wait a minute lover boy!" XD They formed a great couple.
Jenna and Roz were very strong characters too. They weren't just supportive figures for Colleen, but stand for themselves in the story. Such an amazing trio of temperament, skilled - and very tall - witches! Their powers and they way they dealt with the demons were a nice surprize to me. How they got their Irichna stalking powers sounded a bit weird... I just can't imagine some Sidhe few centuries ago discussing DNA and "genetics" But it all fit well, and didn't bother me much, and the battles were sure impressive.
Two more characters that need mentioning - well Bubba of course! May I say, just like the witches from the Coven - "I want one too!" . I knew I was going to like him from the moment I read the word "familiar", but this joyful and loyal creature went beyound my expectations. Love!
And one more thing - Titania. I couldn't help but like her. The Queen cooking? Full of win.
Things I didn't like that much - but still were not a big deal and didn't ruin at all my pleasure from the book:
Spell names sounded just a bit silly.... I don't know, I was expecting something more... magical and witchy than a "forget me spell". Also, usually I am a HUGE fan of big and wrapped up happy endings - but here everything ended up so nicely and easily, it seemes almost unnatural - changelings are free, the Sidhe admitted their fault towards the witches, Titania gave her blessings, even Roz and Jenna had their eyes on some cute Sidhe. As I see that the book is noted as volume one from a series, it wouldn't have hurt to let some story lines to go on a slower pace.
Then again, I am DYING to see more of Roz and Ronin... Ooh, those two would be a must read!:D

To wrap things up, I fully enjoed this book. It was sweet and full with action and sexy in the same time, mixing mythology and supernatural in a way I truly appreciated; with great characters, nice touch of humour and very well written. A captivating and fast read that left me longing for more. I would def reccomend to fellow readers who enjoy paranormal romance.