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Eternal Redemption

Eternal Redemption - Paul A. Wunderlich Full review/Цялото ревю - Click, click :)

After-read thoughts:
As you can guess from the synopsis, this short is a spin on the classic story about the the deal with the evil, and a nicely done one.
Maybe the first thing that I noticed was the writing style. It is heavy, ornamented, bit old fashioned. Some stories - and story tellers - can handle such style, others can not. This is without doubt the first case, as they fit very well and I greatly enjoyed reading it, tho I admit it took me a bit more time and wasn’t as relaxing ( I was in search of short stories for in between my studies). From time to time however, the style goes more “down to earth”. I don’t mind the mix, and even the “albino elephants” made me giggle.
One of the biggest strenghts of the author is in describing and in building the autmosphere. You could truly feel the emptiness in the house, the desperation on the path to hell, and in the end tremble in fear in front of the ever changng image of the devil. I would love to read something longer from the author, with such power and intensity, maybe some kind of epic fantasy :)
The characters were interesting - the Devil and the King - even more for the fact that they were here not to be liked by the reader, but to tell the story and the moral of it. I couldn’t sympathy the King - even in his determination to make thngs right, he was stll selfish and cared more for the lack of love in his life than the fact that he probably doomed his wife to eternal torment (because when you trade someone to the devil and sent her to hell, you couldn’t really expect them to have the greates of times, could you? but no spoilers). The Devil was, well, evil. The clash between the two was powerfull and I must say, I was quite satisfied with the ending. ( Hey, I‘m not evil! It is just good like this!)
My only source of unhappiness were some aspects of Deathenor’s behavior. Using his great power to save his wife was one of the points he used to initally make the decision to sell his beloved. But later, he acted like the idea has just came to his mind, with all the “oh, could it be?!”, it wasn’t like he had forgortten it, or put it for later while still hungry for power. I couldn’t help but wonder - with all the research, his only plan was to beg the Devil to undo the pact? And why would he try convinicing him by promisng he’d be a better man - this is the Devil after all, isn’t it supposed to be the opposite?
Maybe I’m wrong but those just sounded weird to me.

But even with this, I could say that the story telling repaid me for what left me unsatisfied and overall I was really pleased with this short story.