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Skyskipper (The Ballad of Bailey Jo)

Skyskipper (The Ballad of Bailey Jo) - Lexa Roi Clarke Full review/Пълно ревю - Click, click :)

After read thought:
I am in need of an Ollie. Oh, forget about me, the world is in need of more Ollies. Ollies that smile kindly and want to make other people do the same; Ollies that choose to see the best of the world and people without a shadow of doubt; hyperventilating, downright adorable Ollies that… Wait. Maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself and I left you wondering who the hell I am talking about. We were talking about Bailey Jo, right?
So let’s try to review this book the proper way.
Skyskipper is a (sadly too short for me! Want more!) steampunk novel set in a world similar to ours. The author was showing us the details of this world, full of airships, automatins and altered people, as we went through the story and this is my prefered way of doing things (opposite to a huge chunky chapters of explanations, maps and so on). I loved all the characters - good and bad, main and supportive characters, they all just fit in the right places in the story. Bailey Jo was a wild and awesome combination of a tomboy pilot and mechanic and a girly skipper, trying to use her charms to get a deal. I liked her even when I wanted to hit her hard with something for treating Ollie like this. I’ve already proclaimed my love for Ollie and for saneness sake maybe it’s a good idea not to start again. (For those who haven’t picked the track - Ollie is the street magician Bailey meets and is made of joy and joy and joyness with added good amount of unconditional love, huggableness and this is what I meant don’t get me started). And they were so cute together! I also need to mention Chud - now I see the “silent treatment” in a whole new way, and also Flossie.
And the Professor. Eek, the Professor! Ok, the true identity of the Professor caught me off guard. I had something entirely different in mind, but this turned good as well.
And do you know what else this book has? A mechanical skunk. A very important for the story skunk. You can’t just pass away a book with a skunk in it. Not that you needed other reason, given the good plot, great characters, steampunky atmosphere with golems, half-fuman henchmen and towns in the sky, but a skunk? That’s like a cherry on the top of all the awesomeness.

P.S. If you got the Charlie the Unicorn moment, you’re awsome too.